Building traffic to your site has a goal… convert

Generating web traffic (potential buyers) to your site is a long term process that requires a golden mix of content, content placement, back-links, paid advertisements and much more. Roddler has excellent methodologies to increase web-traffic, in a tangible and measurable way. We love data. We know how to get the metrics and turn it into insight, to benefit continuous optimization. Whether it is guest blog writing, feedback sites or long tail keywords, we know the tricks. At Rodller we look not only for quick wins, but also for sustainable results.


Your traffic needs conversion. Roddler has deep experience in: A) building traffic, B) converting it in real conversations and revenue. We call this at Rodller ‘prospective conversations’. We use an entire ecosystem of tools and content methodologies to convert your visitors to demo meetings or revenue. We are refined in re-marketing, lead magnets, drip technologies and call to action forms.

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  • Connecting the dots between Digital Marketing and Sales Culture

    Connecting the dots between Digital Marketing and Sales Culture

    Rodller provides Digital Marketing services. But what does Digital Marketing mean? The definition of Digital Marketing has actually changed over time. But first, we need to find out how Rodller looks at Digital Marketing. You may discover we see things differently than the mainstream view out there. Vision is the foundation of Digital Marketing If

  • Why Digital Marketing is Required for Finance Industry in 2020?

    Why Digital Marketing is Required for Finance Industry in 2020?

    Digital marketing has transformed the way businesses advertise their services. Organizations in the finance industry also need to keep up with the changing times, so they’re not left behind.  Improved website traffic, better customer engagement, and even higher conversion rates are all counted among the benefits of digital marketing. More specifically, here are seven reasons

  • How Digital Reputation will dominate 2020

    How Digital Reputation will dominate 2020

    Rodller helps organizations refine their Digital Reputation. This Digital Reputation is made out of what customer perceive of your brand. This includes anything that can be found online about your brand, website, articles, guest posts, social network profiles, customers reviews. By simply doing some searches and browsing, potential prospects create their own perception of your brand,